General Management
The general day to day management of the WRA is undertaken by the Managing Director who is supported by the major units which perform major organizational functions.

Planning & Investigation Unit
This unit's responsibility includes updating our Water Resources Master Plan which guides water resources development on a national level.  In order to do this, investigations are conducted via large scale projects which seek to define the status of water availability within Jamaica's hydrological basins.  This unit also reviews all projects for their specific impact on surface water and groundwater which in turn may impact on humans who use these water resources.

Resource Monitoring Unit
The Resource Monitoring Unit's major responsibility is to measure the quantity and quality of Jamaica's surface water and groundwater systems.  This data is used to generate reports which outline the status of water resources within each monitoring area.

Computer and GIS Unit
The Computer and GIS Unit is integral and its primary responsibilities comprise maintaining our network of computers and our growing electronic database which is the backbone for our geographic information system.

Administration & Human Resource Development Unit
This unit strives to maintain a working environment conducive to productive team-based effort.

Finance & Accounts Unit
This unit strives to garner the necessary funds required to accomplish our goals within our stated deadlines.