Management Instruments

Water Resources Act

The enactment of this progressive piece of legislation, the Water Resources Act (1995), can only benefit the achievement of sustainable development. This marked a 25-year effort to address the deficiencies in legislation for the proper administration, development and optimal use of the island's water resources.


Water Sector Policy

The Jamaica Water Sector Policy was prepared as a Paper by The Ministry of Water and adopted on January 28, 1999.

This policy outlines the current situation and problems within the water sector, defines the objectives of the Government to address the issues, and sets out the mode of implementation. To ensure that the policy is implemented effectively, the Government has mandated the water agencies to prepare a Water Sector Strategy. This Strategy will indicate how the policies are to be implemented, and will ensure an integrated and co-coordinated approach between all the agencies.


Water Resources Master Plan

This plan guides water resources development on a national level. It contains an inventory of Jamaica's surface water and groundwater resources in relation to supplying the present as well as future demand for water by all users.


Corporate Plan

The Corporate plan for the period 2006 - 2009 is conceived into programmes, as mandated by the Water Resources Act 1995. These programmes are listed below: -

  • Water resources monitoring and information systems management. - (A.1)
  • Water resources assessment, planning, design and operational support. - (A.2)
  • Water resources allocation, regulation and control. - (A.3)
  • Capacity-Institutional building. - (A.4)
  • Public awareness/Public education. - (A.5)
  • Hydrological prediction and forecasting. - (A.6)